Real benefits of Hemp Skincare

One of the most significant breakthroughs in the 21st century has been the discoveries of the ever-increasing potentials of cannabis plant. In addendum, we cannot celebrate these milestones without giving credits to continued scientific researches and widespread acceptance in the political spaces of several developed countries. Notable among these millstones has been the versatility of the cannabidiol extract in the various aesthetic and beauty industries. 

Real before and after photos after using hemp face cream - see below.  

Taking skincare as a point of focus ― the eyelids of renowned dermatologists have continuously been raised toward the soothing effect of hemp to the skin. The present result has been the effectuate popularity of Hemp Skincare and Hemp Cream in surface treatments.

Scientifically, the ability of hemp to produce several natural fatty acids and antioxidants, coupled with its capability to binds to a particular set of (TRPV-1) receptors in the skin, gives it the primary value in overall skin treatment. Today, hemp Skincare through the use of hemp Cream and other derivative products is gradually becoming the natural gem to a vast array of skin conditions.

Honest reviews 

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CBD Skincare?!🧖🏻‍♀️ I recently tried this Moisturiser infused with 250mg of CBD oil and hyaluronic acid. 💕 (Gifted - @maahskin ) Benefits of CBD in skincare: Anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory! My experience with the @maahskin moisturiser: I need to mention first that the texture of this moisturiser is my favourite! It's a heavy cream, but absorbs into your skin in seconds. I use it day and night and it is a great base for my foundation/make up. Apart from the fact that it maintains my face moisturised the whole day, keeps it plump and glowy; the biggest thing I noticed is that my face didn't flare up since I started using it. My skin tends to flare up when I am stressed, and with the beginning of my masters degree, this definitely happened in the past weeks. However, my skin is still so clear.🥰 I love this moisturiser and I will keep on using it. I would be curious to try out a serum from @ , and also a body cream. I would love to see if it would have the same effects on the flare ups on my body. 💕 Have you tried any CBD skincare?❤

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Hemp and the EU

Quite a lot has happened between 2009 and 2019 in the efforts to recognize hemp-derived ingredients as an antioxidant, skin conditioner and skin protector. Well, thank goodness because the recent inclusion of “synthetically produced” cannabidiol as a legitimate cosmetic Ingredient in the EU’s (CosIng) database, shows its gradual concession and acknowledgement of hemp in the European market. Thus, this has created a persuasive stance for increased favorable legislation in other remote regulations.


Hemp for Acne-prone Skins

For a fact, Dermatologists laud the anti-inflammatory properties Hemp in the treatment of acne. Hemp creams are now hitting the market in their numbers, each possessing the ability to naturally clam acne-prone skins and other inflammatory conditions, such as breakouts and redness. More scientific studies are also being conducted into the interoperability of Hemp and how it can decrease excessive sebum (oil) production in acne-prone skins.


Hemp Skincare for Anti-Aging and Wrinkles Skincare

There exist a lot of products out there in the market which promises anti-ageing benefit and winkle removal. However, the question has always been to ascertain how these products do this without any detrimental effect. More so, potential users are concerned if these products could be a lasting natural solution to their ageing skin condition.

Hemp skincare has been a viable choice for Anti-Aging and Wrinkles. It possesses antioxidant properties that gift it the primary ability to ameliorate the visible sign of ageing skin. Once this ability is chemically annexed with other beneficial ingredients; the end-product Hemp cream shows the impressive result in counteracting wrinkles, skin dullness, and rosy skin tone associated with ageing skins.


Hemp Cream for Sensitive Skin

A lot of factors account skin changes in humans. From skin colour to texture, most beauty enthusiasts are worried about keeping a glowing skin despite the vagaries of the immediate environment or weather condition. Hemp-derived ingredients have pain-fighting prowess and skin normalizing effect that reduces issues related to sensitive skin.  

Through hemp's soothing mechanism in a skincare routine, its therapeutic benefits are unravelled. Hemp cream, oil and lotion are rapidly becoming a long-awaited natural solution for youthful skin.


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